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Entry #3

Cause I was always taught that boy meets girl

2007-08-24 13:16:15 by Popeofdope

People listen up don't stand too close,
I've got somethin' that you all should know:
holy matrimony is not for me,
I'd rather die alone in misery

Cuz I was always taught that boy meets girl,
fall in love get married and forget the world,
nine months later sweet baby's on the way.
Isn't that what they used to say?


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2007-08-24 13:44:34

No it isnt


2007-08-24 14:08:43



2007-09-23 20:44:17

Yeah babies aren't as great as they say


2007-10-12 01:19:28

with a girl you knew
and the bonds that we grew
turned into a ball and chain

i step into the great unknown
and a ball and chain i call my home
a-ba-na-na-na-na, whooo


2007-10-31 06:11:56

Hey, man, you planning on ever organizing another art collab?

Popeofdope responds:

Well someday I do hope to finish seven nation army, I never did because as I started to make it, my life started to pick up again. I work alot of 12 hour days now, and in any time I have I'm with my girlfriend or partying with my buddies. But I've got a few grand saved up right now so im going to buy a laptop really soo here, definatly before january, that might make me want to start spending a little more time on art.
Till then I'm just too busy with fuckn life.
Thanks for askn tho bro


2007-11-07 11:34:09

Hope not, he's shit at em.

Popeofdope responds:

: ) Does putting people down on the internet make you feel better?
I hope so, otherwise you're doing nothing with your time.


2008-03-06 03:24:35

Are you stoned?...again?


2009-05-01 09:23:21

... but you are shit at collabs.


2009-06-05 04:16:09

Read this Newgrounds message again when you are 40 year olds.
Then think about yourself then, and now.


2009-06-21 06:20:59

Isn't all that weed doing to be weird for you later in life?

Popeofdope responds:

Yeah, I don't smoke it or do drugs at all anymore.... its sooooo weird man.


2010-06-14 04:02:36

hey look 2007


2013-02-11 03:51:04



2014-10-12 15:41:02

Am i really gonna write a comment here just so that in a couple of years i can get a surprise reply from you?
Why yes, yes i am.